Triple scented soy wax melts 8 pack - Livani - odour neutralising

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Symbolises a sacred and holy place of worship with aromatic resins of timeless an enchanting blends of frankincense and myrrh with Balsam spice patchouli and sandalwood. Livani is a traditional religious incense used in Catholic and Orthodox churches. Frankincense which means pure incense in Latin is called Livani.

Neutralises Malodours

Neutralises Unpleasant Odours

Active against Malodour

The active Barrier against Malodour

The active-Block – Stops Odours

Longlasting feeling of freshness

Longlasting feeling of cleanliness

Extra protection against specific odours

All of our soy wax melts contain natural soy wax, and are scented using the highest quality fragrance oils. Our soy wax melts contain zero additives, zero chemicals, zero dyes, just soy wax.
Our melts are some of the strongest on the market and last longer than wax melts with less fragrance. Simply place your soy wax melt into your melt warmer and the fragrance will start to flow as the wax melts filling your home with beautiful long lasting fragrance.

Enjoy the aroma of our 100% Soy Wax Melts. Total burn/melt time is approximately 50 hours (will vary depending on scent and also the burner/melting method used).

Product Specifications:

Each wax melt 8 pack is 1.6cm in height by 15cm in length and 8cm wide.

Each wax melt 8 pack has a weight of around 110g including packaging.

We do not recommend using our melts with Sentsy wax warmers as we have found they do not burn hot enough to melt pure soy wax.

Melts Safety:

Due to the high amount of fragrance in this product it should not be used with a direct flame and must only be used in a traditional oil burner or electric melt warmer.

Colour Change:

We do not put colour in our soy wax melts, by adding colour this can change the way the wax performs and may not fully release the fragrance. Due to the high amount of fragrance the soy wax may change colour, this is normal and in no way changes the performance of this product. So if your wax does change colour please don't be alarmed.